yasoon - the easy way to integrate with Outlook

Microsoft Outlook features more than 700 million installations, which makes it one of the largest platforms in the world. yasoon has been built for developers to simplify the integration of your service with Outlook. Build apps for Outlook with HTML5 and Javascript and make use of the specially designed API for common use-cases. yasoon provides common components for Outlook plugins, including the easy access to Outlook objects, to a SQLite database and a simple way to connect to other APIs via OAuth.

In detail, yasoon offers:

Component overview of yasoon

yasoon makes it easy to create Outlook extensions, because:

plus you get a store where you can easily offer your app to all yasoon users.



Yasoon apps are lightweight Outlook integrations build with Javascript.
Every app consists of just three parts. You can also check our Getting Started Guide for more details how to develop them.