1. Step - Activate Yasoon Development Mode

To get started, the first thing to do is to download yasoon.
The development mode is always available in any yasoon version - it's just disabled by default. You need to activate it first in the settings menu, like shown in the screenshot below.

After an Outlook restart, a new ribbon tab should be visible:

2. Step - Create a new App

To create a new app, you can directly use the developer tools. Click on the button Create App, choose a namespace, your app template and the project folder where you want to save the new app.

The wizard creates all necessary files in your development folder. The development workflow afterwards looks as follows: You can use your favourite IDE and source code versioning tool, but before you can load the app into Outlook, you always need to move it into the yasoon app folder. To do so, you can use our script file "copy_to_install_dir.bat" or copy it manually into the folder AppData/Roaming/Yasoon/App. Remember to copy the files every time you make code changes.

An app needs to follow a certain structure. The .xml manifest file needs to be in the main folder. At the same level there needs to be an folder named like the app namespace. Inside that folder you can add any other files or folder. The template apps automatically follow that structure. See the following example:

You can load the app immediately by executing the batch script (copy_to_install_dir.bat) and loading the app via the development tools ("Load/Reload App)".

3. Step - Explore our development tools

During and after the app development, yasoon offers a few development functions that should make your life easier.

Test yasoon via the console:

4. Step - Submit your app

Tipps and Tricks

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